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2 versions of 1 song

I’ve just put a version of my song Wishing Well on youtube and I thought I’d link to it here because that’s the sort of thing you’re supposed to do. I know there’s a lot more other stuff that I’m supposed to do as well, but one step at a time – that’s my motto.

The music was recorded at my place shortly after taking some footage at a gig where we couldn’t get decent sound recordings. That was about 3 years ago. It’s been sitting around and now I’ve finally done something with it. Instead of the gig footage which I formerly used before in my video for Children Of The Sea this is some seaside variations.

Wishing Well was written in 2009 and not longer after I recorded a demo version which I put on youtube with a more complicated video than the one above. This isn’t anything that special but I’m not sure I’d have the energy any more to do the editing that I did for it.

Finally I’d just like to say that the next film version will be a full length feature film. This is the cast we have lined up :-

Wishing Well – Max von Sydow
Shell – Tiny Tim
Quercus Robur – John Wayne
Ripples – The Flying Foxes
Solveig – Milena Vukotic