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gig on saturday 17th january

it’s been a while since i put up a poster for a gig. it’s not that i haven’t been doing any gigs i just haven’t really worked too hard at either producing posters or even if i’ve done that posting them on the internet. but rosie’s sent me this one tonight and so i thought i’d represent it for the good of the community because this is a good cause gig. i’ll say no more. i will be playing with rosalind moreno-parra. she will be singing, i’ll play guitar and carola hengstenberg will play violin. it works pretty well. carola’s only been playing improvised music for the last 6-8 months but she’s a very accomplished violinist with a beautiful tone and actually she’s a natural improviser as it turns out – very good ear and sense of melody – so if you can make it to see us (about 9pm i believe though i can’t guarantee that’s right – from experience these multi-act events can be chaotic) it will not be in vain.