3 films by by roger thorp & rob vasey

Here are 3 short films that I did in collaboration with Roger Thorp. My contributions are in varying degrees of emphasis, starting with Frozen Song. Roger had the film and the basic piano soundtrack. I thought of adding the crows and the dialogue to the soundtrack and then the idea for the recording of the children singing somehow had to follow.

Transit, again is Roger’s film, but the soundtrack is all mine though I think I used a background ambience sound that Roger wanted in the mix. Actually I might try and do a better soundtrack sometime this year and put up this film again with the proper frame ratio.

This last film uses more air travel type footage which was photographed by Roger during a visit to the World Wide Video Festival in Amsterdam, but I edited this one to use as a video for a track on my album, Disparue. Credits for the musicians are on the YouTube page. It’s called The Airman’s Prayers.