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Band Names

One of the most difficult things about being in a band is finding a name for it. Since about 1980 I’ve been a benign despot in terms of presenting my own music and so I haven’t had to argue about it with anyone. And any bands I’ve been in where it wasn’t my music I was generally happy enough to go along with the consensus. In 1983 I started a new band and struck on the name Sinking Sun King. I felt happy about the degree of wordplay and sub-text involved although it did seem to suggest lofty aspirations. If we had produced an album it was to be called Delusions of Grandeur to play upon that. The album never happened although quite a lot of material was recorded. None of them have been released although a couple of the best were considered for Whose Last Trickle.

I have put one of the tracks up on YouTube. It’s already up on the Music page on this website, but I created a rudimentary film to accompany it. It’s Wound which is supposed to be pronounced to rhyme with round or sound or even drowned. There’s an as, hem, syrup version of the song which is on WLT.

Having considered a couple of the band names that my benign despot approach to nomenclature has produced you may be thinking that I could have benefited from a bit of 3rd party argumentation. A couple of days ago, after several pints of ale, I decided to come up with a few new band names. Please feel free to help yourself to any of them if you’re looking for a band name. I don’t suppose I’ll use any of them. Probably some of them are already being used – I haven’t checked.

muppet rillettes
a good scrop
ting thong
drone scar bite
virtuel askance
so bad far
i drill
luma fanvomita


early rising late

A grateful cordial, and lightly restringent syrup, is made by digesting three pints of the clarified juice, with a dram of cinnamon, half a dram of ginger, the same of cloves , in warm ashes, for six hours, then adding a pint of red port, and dissolving nine pounds of sugar in liquor, and straining it.

Culpeper’s Complete Herbal

I keep trying this but I’m finding it difficult to keep the ashes warm for six hours. Think will give up soon. The juice in question by the way is quince.

On my old firegiver page, I had all the songs from my disparue cd downloadable as mp3s on the home page. This time round I’m going to make things a bit more difficult though hopefully it will also be interesting. I’m starting with the tracks which had already been recorded before back in the 80s and the first one is called early rising late.

It was a song written for the band I had then, sinking sun king. Most of my songs have at least a fleeting reference to death, but this one looks inexorably in that direction. I wrote the song when I was about 29 and this was recorded as a demo shortly afterwards.

1983 early rising late

Apart from myself on guitar and backing vocals the track features Lindsay Lancaster on vocals, Edward Ball on piano and keyboard and Richard Hutchings on bass guitar.

Now here is the later track recorded right at the end of 2007. The tone is a little darker and the death aspect of the song is rammed home by the addition of a spoken word section which culminates in a reference to the old woman tossed up in a basket (blanket in some versions) who features as some sort of angel of death.

2007 early rising late

In this recording I am joined by Jo Swan on backing vocals, Paul Wigens on drums and Jeff Spencer on bass guitar.