miles of granite

for the xvth granite mix i decided to feature the artist who i have most recordings of, miles davis – it’s a long mix – nearly an hour and a half. instinct led me from one track to another. here’s the mix and after it the details and then some comments on the tracks. granite… Continue reading miles of granite

Granite Mix 10

The last Granite Mix had a track by Bill Evans in it (not to mention earlier appearances in the geological section) and now I’ve decided to dedicate a whole mix to the man, just to show how much I love his music. His world is a curious mixture of beauty and tragedy perfectly expressed by… Continue reading Granite Mix 10

granite mix 8

My new granite mix celebrates my purchase of a record deck a couple of weeks ago. So apologies for the odd bits of crackle, rumble and one little glitch where there’s an elision – I won’t say where. It’s an eclectic mix of 16 tracks about 50 minutes long and mostly the music is from… Continue reading granite mix 8