As Hem Syrup

After leaving Dry Rib I was trying a lot of different things out with a combination of different people and it took a while before the first as, hem, syrup gig. Part of this involved a lot of experimentation down Paul Kendall‘s studio in Covent Garden. Various people were involved – Paul himself on alto saxophone, Ray Kent on drums, Lindsay Lancaster on bass guitar, Simon Thorne on keyboards (occasionally viola), myself on guitar + sometimes also on guitar – Martin (who shared Paul’s studio) and another guitarist friend of Paul’s and Ray’s – I think he was called Mike. Here’s an example of a jam from that era.

Endell Street Jam

Eventually a unit formed that was a tighter format based around my songs. We took some of the Dry Rib songs and used those – Alaska was shortened and turned into a pseudo-reggae number; Quail Seed became Stale Creed and Memento Mori became Demented Doreen. Suspense was the other one we took without doing too much to it. In addition there were some new songs – Men of War, Upwards, An Owl and Squeaky Macaws among others. Here’s an early recording of one of them that wasn’t included on Whose Last Trickle.

Demented Doreen

The first line-up for the band was me on guitar and vocals, Lindsay on bass, Paul on sax and Ray on drums. That lasted for a while, but Paul didn’t really want to be a saxophonist and he was doing other things anyway. For a while we played as a 3-piece and then we brought in Karen Mence on keyboards to fill the sound out a bit. Towards the end of the band’s existence about a third of the material we would play in gigs was instrumental tunes, none of which were ever recorded. This version of the band did record one demo which included 7 songs. Here’s one from that session which again isn’t on Whose Last Trickle. Actually Karen didn’t play on this song. I’ll put up another one with her on some other time.

Dark Flight