Dry Rib

Here are 3 Dry Rib tracks, 1 from each of the 3 recording sessions we did.

The 1st session was in 1978. It was in a recording studio in Covent Garden, I think called simply The Studio. I seem to remember that everything was done in 1 day. 5 songs of mine, Alaska, Quail Seed, Culture, Beagles Wag and this one


Andrew Goodwin – drums, Mike Mulholland – bass guitar, Rob Vasey – guitar & vocals

We put a little more time into our 2nd session in 1979 because we were recording an ep subsequently called The Dry Season. That’s a snatch from one of the lines of the song, Alaska.

Where do you look for water
In the dry season?

This was recorded at RMS studios which was quite close to the Crystal Palace football ground in South London. As well as Alaska we recorded Quail Seed again and another song of mine, The Cruelty Of The Victim.


personnel as above

The final Dry Rib recording session was probably just an evening’s work later in 1979 at the studio that Paul Kendall shared with a couple of other blokes in Endell Street, Covent Garden. Paul not only recorded the 2 tracks but also played alto saxophone on the one below. The other song we recorded was Suspense. It was just a demo recording but I think we thought that the 2 tracks would make a good single.

Memento Mori

personnel as above

I’d just like to point out that although I wrote all of the songs mentioned above, Andrew and (to a lesser extent) Mike had a major input into the arrangements.

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