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The Moment of Creation

Usually these days when I write words for a song I do so using the Voice Recorder function on my mobile phone. I record in short bursts – 1 or 2 lines at a time. Writing it all down and editing it comes later, accompanied by guitar. Tweaking the words can go on for a while after that. In fact in theory that could go on while there is still life in the old dog.

I recorded a demo of the song I wrote towards the end of 2011, RV Marche RG. Later I found that I had not yet deleted the various Voice Recordings. Before doing so I transferred them to my MacBook and strung them all together. They are the log of the act of creation. They go on for about 4 minutes. In real time of course there were gaps between Record and Stop so I was probably stumbling around the streets whilst recording/creating for about 10-15 minutes in total.

My presentation of this moment of creation is not really a thing of beauty, but I felt it was worth preserving and was prepared to front it on YouTube, possibly a mistake but what the hell. My favourite bit on the soundtrack is the call of some random bird that happened to be about at that unearthly hour. I did think about cutting that noise and introducing it with some delay or something a bit more frequently but in the end laziness prevented that innovation which I think is good because just appearing once and then not again is ultimately more rewarding/intriguing.

The film I carved together from a few oddments derived at similar late night junctures, though not on the same night and in fact from the opposite direction. Down by the dockside to be precise where late night lights flicker and dip with reflected refractions. I have done something vaguely similar though reasonably different in the past which is here. I abstracted more this time and resisted the temptation to fade the odd Hergé still subliminally into the background.

Here are the final lyrics

rv marche rg

past rows of metal boxes
with single antenna
save one for tintin street
feelers for dreams
that flow through channels
towards tintin street

save the last one
save a little bit
save some now
for tintin street
save one
for tintin street

the last gully
to simplistic gratuity
burnt into diamond shapes
that line the walls
on tintin street

save the last one…

where concrete descends
a pear tree attends
suspends and portends
with balconies around
can calculus be found?
cellared up and bound on tintin street

save the last one…

through the smoke
the buildings choked
don’t stay too long on tintin street
your lair’s right there
fair and square
you’ve made it back from tintin street

save the last one…

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