news review

there’s much that is good about the ability to gain an international understanding of the world and here are some links which are my news review

Philippines story of a tragic death

the first item is a short news clip from philippines about a filipino woman who was beaten to death in kuwait. I don’t know exactly what happened but the point of interest for me is not the story itself but how the story is told. there is a mixture of video shots with drawings, but the figures in the drawings don’t seem to set out to be anything like likenesses of the actual people involved.

Salvador Dali photographed by girl guides with brownie cameras

secondly I have a great shot from el paĆ­s of salvador dali. I’m not a big fan of his, but I have to ultimately respect the innovation that makes him an icon. I would really like to know whether this photo opportunity was planned or whether it was just a spur of the moment chance.

red picture with horses

another picture which is one of the best forgeries by master-forger wolfgang beltracchi. supposedly heinrich campendonk’s red picture with horses. it was sold for 2.88 million euros in 2006, but after a scientific analysis it was discovered that some of the paint used contained titanium white, which wasn’t around in campendonk’s time.

chinese store skulduggery

the next link is just an article from eastday which is a shanghai news portal. this sort of cheating seems to be endemic in contemporary china. it’s a very modern tale. earlier today I just finished reading the gilgul or the transformation by avrom ber gotlober which would seem to suggest that life could have been similar in 19th century eastern europe.

ukrainian land sales

finally because I’m going to ukraine in a few weeks time, an insight into the current situation in eastern europe. like the philippines link I started with there is a certain amount of innocence that I like about this article. on the other hand it is the link that has most invasive advertising, which often contradicts the feeling behind the words. I say often because it’s random and I don’t know what happens every time you go there.