more from nineteen ninety five

Here are some more hip hop highlights from 1995.

I suppose Tha Alkaholiks were never going to be all that big, but actually they’re probably my favourite west coast act of that era. (And in my case that’s not perhaps as much of a compliment as it may seem). Later they tried to change their name to Tha Liks because they were being denied airplay becauseā€¦ I suppose because their name seemed to condone a vice. That doesn’t seem like a good idea to me but maybe I have something of Ancient Greece about me. Whatever, they are trying to make a bit of a comeback, with a new album this year. Let’s face it everybody who’s ever had anything to do with music at all is trying to make a comeback. Or will do in the future if they live long enough.

The track is called Daam

Liquid Swords is on the identically-named album. As far as I’m concerned that’s the best ever hip hop album and the last time I spoke to him about the subject a few months ago that is also the opinion of my son. Actually I know quite a lot of people would agree but there are also many great alternative contenders.

So this is by Gza

Smiff ‘n’ Wessun were another hip hop outfit with name problems. The gun company didn’t like the use of their name even though the spelling is a bit different. Also it took them some time to realise what was happening and by then really it was too late, especially as Tek and Steele didn’t do anything all that marvellous with the new name (Cocoa Brovaz). But Dah Shinin’ is a great album.

This track is called Sound Bwoy Bureill and it features Top Dog and Starang Wondah.

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