Nine Nickel

i took an interest in hip-hop music when it first came out, but didn’t listen to it that much in earnest until the early 90s.

when tim westwood started doing his rap show on radio 1 at the end of 1994 a unique opportunity arose. looking back one can argue that that time was a peak for the music. some people may even say it had already peaked. some might say the peak was later in the decade. others perhaps believe the peak is still to come – can’t see it myself.

anyway westwood’s radio programme allowed a nationwide audience (worldwide too to a certain extent, though not sure if that was immediate) to hear the best of a music which was at its best, in my opinion. i’m not saying that ’95 was the best year in itself but that it was roughly the centre of the best years – say perhaps a 5 year period 1993-7.

so here are 3 classic tracks from 1995. you know how we do.

this track, whutcha want? by nine was definitely on the first rap show. it comes from the nine livez album.

this one too i think, but not so sure. it’s by mobb deep it’s survival of the fittest from the infamous

finally one that probably didn’t get so much airplay on the early shows as the two above, but it’s a great track and a powerful video (bigger budget than the other two). naughty by naturechain remains from poverty’s paradise