Neureille on YouTube

It’s taken me a while but I’ve now set up my Neureille YouTube page and there’s a couple of videos on it with more in the pipeline. Firstly an animation, the first of a series I’m planning which will include all the songs from the Sufi Pataphysics album using illustrations done for me by Mog Fry of eightfivepress.

And then there’s the first of three videos of a live session I did with Paul Wigens and Everton Hartley back in October at J&J Studio. Ade Price of Soundbeam did the photography and Jim Barr recorded the music. I edited the video but actually if it looks any good the credit should go to my friend, Blair Wallace who added his post-production skills. He didn’t want a credit but I’m mentioning him here. Just because.

And here’s a final link to an interview I did yesterday with Everton – part of a series he’s doing using Yardstream.


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