2 short films

from the distant past
the issue of the meaning
2 short films reminiscent
of the sentence
the essence of the thought
and subservient
beyond the aching limbs
of elms now put to sleep
the image of the past
betrayed and bedraggled
from ravine to ravine
by process of elimination
and intrepid manumission

1st as a decumbent
lies the film that is called – maderensis
in which a bee
becomes intoxicated
enervated and emancipated
by the scent and the
signalled trail
of the pollen incumbent saturation

and following the so-called
shepherd’s delight
which combines geometry
with american currency
no animosity
is above verbosity
or inclination to spin
in retractions of goodwill
to the expositors
originators and definatators
subordinate i say again
to refreshing of the sense
of dictatorial pursuit
of monkey chauve and toot to boot

and thus i recline

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