Quicktime Problems

I am aware that there are problems viewing the films in that the controls at the bottom of the film don’t work currently (or at least not in all browsers). In order to watch a film click on it and then use your space bar to toggle between play and pause.

This is annoying because it used to work ok. I’m investigating an alternative way of embedding the films but it’s not something I enjoy, hopefully I will sort it out soon.

One reply on “Quicktime Problems”

Actually when I recently upgraded my operating system I had to install a new Quicktime plug-in and when I did that it solved this problem. So it’s probably just a case of making sure you have the latest QT plug-in installed. And now I can use the full-screen option which never seemed to work either so that’s great.

I have noticed though that the sound on the 1958 Rock ‘N Roll Years disappears about half way through – I will remedy this as soon as I have the spare energy to do so.

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