end of august

I had to buy myself a new nylon string guitar earlier this year because I was having problems with the pick-up on my old one and anyway thought it was time to get a more expensive instrument. I chose a Taylor 314ce and I must say I’m happy with it. I’ve done some rough recordings recorded live at home not the best way to hear the guitar but quickly done that’s all I care really.

First of all I ran through Arvo Pärt‘s Für Alina – I could have played it better but there was no major mistake which can easily happen and also there were no cars driving past while I was playing. There was a dog I could hear barking but I can’t detect it on listening back. A car went past just as I finished so I left that in for good measure.

Für Alina

Also I recorded a version of my song Caspian Gates. There are some passing cars during this recording. Here are the words.

your mother gave you a motive
for your father to be dead
besides there were other reasons
for you to go ahead
you knew that you were better
of that you were sure
than a man who couldn’t cross a room
without falling on the floor

nothing comes to he who waits
i’ll meet you up by the caspian gates

to the land of the baby
brought up by a bear
came a man who as a baby
had been washed nearly everywhere
the story took you over
and led you in your mind
like a star that you followed
brightly as it shined

driven onwards by the fates
i’ll meet you up by the caspian gates

your bed fixed in the doorway
so all can see you lie
it’s a sight even sad enough
to make a horse cry
and when at last you come
to seek some sort of shelter
it won’t be siwa
it’ll end in the delta

with all your loves and all your hates
i’ll meet you up by the caspian gates

Caspian Gates

Actually I should have done a different song because I realise I posted the album recording of this song nearly a year ago. And I still haven’t updated the Music page on this site with some recordings from that album. Things will have to change.

Finally here’s an image of one of the contenders for the title of Caspian Gates – this is the Darial Gorge on the border between Georgia and Russia.

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