Newcomers part 3

The last episode of The Newcomers ties it all up and ends with a birth. It’s shorter than the first 2 episodes and comes in at just over 40 minutes. The ending I have is a bit abrupt but I’m not sure what you could have followed it by anyway. Ultimately it’s all I’ve got and if there was any more only time will tell as far as I’m concerned. Sorry I can’t be bothered to capture any stills and add them to this post, sheer laziness on my part. It’s not that I don’t care, I’m just tired that’s all. Too many bortsch parties.

Anyway after about 40 or so seconds into the film there’s some good shots from the top of Clifton Heights which at that time must have been under construction. See here for a bit about the history of that building. Nothing much has changed in those 50 years except for the vehicles.

At 7:12 the advert on the bus reads

Butlins Minehead Open-Day Visits

And at 12:10 you can watch a man with a cigarette terrify a child so that she disappears outside a telephone kiosk that is there no longer.

At 25:34 some of the newspaper headlines read



and then immediately afterwards a woman with 7 dogs only one of which is on a lead walk across a street. Ah those were different times. I like to think that back then the ladies all studied the rules of verse and the poets rolled their eyes.

gigs music

gig on saturday 17th january

it’s been a while since i put up a poster for a gig. it’s not that i haven’t been doing any gigs i just haven’t really worked too hard at either producing posters or even if i’ve done that posting them on the internet. but rosie’s sent me this one tonight and so i thought i’d represent it for the good of the community because this is a good cause gig. i’ll say no more. i will be playing with rosalind moreno-parra. she will be singing, i’ll play guitar and carola hengstenberg will play violin. it works pretty well. carola’s only been playing improvised music for the last 6-8 months but she’s a very accomplished violinist with a beautiful tone and actually she’s a natural improviser as it turns out – very good ear and sense of melody – so if you can make it to see us (about 9pm i believe though i can’t guarantee that’s right – from experience these multi-act events can be chaotic) it will not be in vain.