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There is much talk of a design in the arras. Some are certain they see it. Some see what they have been told to see. Some remember that they saw it once but have lost it. Some are strengthened by seeing a pattern wherein the oppressed and exploited of the earth are gradually emerging from their bondage. Some find strength in the conviction that there is nothing to see. Someā€¦

Thornton Wilder

Then he walked down Broadway with his hands in his overcoat pockets, wearing a smile which embraced all the stream of life that passed him and the lighted towers that rose into the limpid blue of the evening sky. If the singer, going home exhausted in her cab, was wondering what was the good of it all, that smile, could she have seen it, would have answered her. It is the only commensurate answer.

Willa Cather

He’s always first. When the end of night approaches, silence is broken by the one off key. The one off key, the bird who never tires, awakens the master singers. And before first light, all the birds in the world begin their serenade at the window, sailing over the flowers, over their reflections.

A few sing for love of the art. Others broadcast news or recount gossip or tell jokes or give speeches or proclaim delight. But all of them, artists, reporters, gossips, wags, cranks and crazies, join in a single orchestral overture.

Do birds announce the morning? Or, by singing, do they create it?

Eduardo Galeano

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2 versions of 1 song

I’ve just put a version of my song Wishing Well on youtube and I thought I’d link to it here because that’s the sort of thing you’re supposed to do. I know there’s a lot more other stuff that I’m supposed to do as well, but one step at a time – that’s my motto.

The music was recorded at my place shortly after taking some footage at a gig where we couldn’t get decent sound recordings. That was about 3 years ago. It’s been sitting around and now I’ve finally done something with it. Instead of the gig footage which I formerly used before in my video for Children Of The Sea this is some seaside variations.

Wishing Well was written in 2009 and not longer after I recorded a demo version which I put on youtube with a more complicated video than the one above. This isn’t anything that special but I’m not sure I’d have the energy any more to do the editing that I did for it.

Finally I’d just like to say that the next film version will be a full length feature film. This is the cast we have lined up :-

Wishing Well – Max von Sydow
Shell – Tiny Tim
Quercus Robur – John Wayne
Ripples – The Flying Foxes
Solveig – Milena Vukotic

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Midsummer Madness


Poster image by Frank Paul. I reduced the luridness of the colours mainly in an attempt to save on printer toner.