History of Banners Part 1

well i’ve had a few computer issues that have complicated my ability to produce film and music so i thought i’d think of something easy that didn’t require too much technology and that turned out to be a review of all the banners i’ve used on this website since i started using wordpress. apologies by the way for the fact that this is so recondite a place not seeking to engage in the vast whirl of social media but that’s how i like it.

when i first set it up i used an image from the wordpress library and then i took the detail of a photo i’d taken of a flower i think of a banana tree. it was just a holder really. and i’m not going to show it here – i’ve lost the original shot it’s taken from. maybe.

then i thought i should be able to draw my own banners even though my draughtsmanship and drawing is poor. so here are the 4 i did. i think i like the 1st one best. the 1st 3 were created on january 1st 2012 at about midday. must have been a resolution or something. i then must have used them for the 1st half of the year and then on july 13th i did the 4th one.

anyway obviously i’d had enough of doing drawings and in october 2012 i struck out in a new way by taking a detail from a scan that i’d done sometime which was held in a folder called scans from books. this details comes from a scanned image from a book, peasant paintings from huhsien county and it’s called new mountain scene. here’s the banner and also the scanned image i took it from.

this was an approach i liked and i’ve pretty much continued in that vein. the next banner i did was from another image from the same folder and this was of some cakes and biscuits from an old book of woman’s own cook book i still carry round because it helps me regress to the fifties if i ever feel that need. again here are both the images.

the next step was to start using images that i’d downloaded from the internet which is something i do rarely now but used to do fairly regularly once upon a time. i downloaded some sidney sime illustrations on august 10th 2009 including the one below and on january 4th 2013 i cropped out my 7th banner, a rather gruesome one which illustrates the story of the hoard of the gibbelins.

the paul nash photograph i used for the 8th banner is not a very high resolution and so it’s not great quality but it’s a redolent image for me. i downloaded it on february 8th 2010 and created the banner on january 16th 2013 just 14 days after the last banner was created. i’m not sure if i was changing them that frequently – that would seem a bit obsessive but i certainly blogged more then, you know 2 or 3 posts a month. it’s hard to keep up that commitment. i’m not sure why i still do now. oh well.

number 9 is a weird one. i went back to the scans from books and took a detail from an advert i’d scanned from an old book or something. it was a pretty crap banner but i kept it up there for a month.

i’m not going to go on with this for ever and this is the last banner i’m doing for now anyway. this could be a series that i continue or it could just disappear like some others have in the past. back in september 2012 i was reading a book called catlin’s indians by george catlin including this one of the pipestone quarries in minnesota and at some point downloaded some images from the web including this one.

images music

images 2

about this time last year i posted the 1st of what i described confidently as a 2 part series. and so here is part 2. it’s a collage of photos taken randomly usually at night so a lot of it is quite dark. the soundtrack is a looped improvisation something i recorded last week. it’s 6 minutes long and as i said last time it’s best viewed full screen in a darkened room.

film images music


this is the first part of a two part series where i present some snaps taken mostly late at night on my way home from somewhere i walk a lot usually the same old streets but there’s a number of directions and always variations on route i seem to stumble on the surface of buildings with roofs and turrets then slip sideways into a cobbled alley that leads towards a dungeon not really but you never know

i admit i’ve tampered with with some of the images but largely they are as they appeared on the night which never of course gives justice to what you actually see and some are daytime intrusions that i deemed worthy for reasons of chiaroscuro and i added a spontaneously created soundtrack not while i was watching the footage separately and took edits from forty odd minutes of recorded music if that’s what you can call it i don’t see what else to call it for now maybe later i’m working on my theories

best viewed on full screen in a darkened room

film images music triumph of the west

triumph of the west ii

From Socrates to Caesar to Jesus to Constantine to Marx with a lot of wisdom and beautiful images in between.