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I often seem to find myself these days being enthusiastic about my favourite experimental hip hop artists. It’s like I’m on a mission to proselytise. So it seemed like a good idea to devote a post to some of them and they all have great videos as well.

The first is from an album which came out a few months ago and which I’ve been listening to a lot and this is probably the strongest track. The album’s called Innocent Country II and it’s by Chris Keys and Quelle Chris.

Another album that came out earlier this year is Purple Moonlight Pages by R.A.P. Ferreira. The video for this is a great animation by Ben Clarkson and the whole thing is bang up to date.

JPGEGMAFIA always seems to have something interesting to say and I really like what he’s been doing lately with low-budget filming.

Last month I had a ticket to go and see Quelle Chris but obviously that was cancelled. It’s now re-scheduled for September but I can’t see it happening. So that’s disappointing. Instead, here’s another video which is to go with one of the tracks from the album he did with his equally talented partner, Jean Grae. This is a bit older it came out in 2018. The album’s called Everything’s Fine, the track’s called My Contribution to this Scam and it’s another animation, this time by Crankbunny.

Finally another great MC who always has videos of fine quality is Homeboy Sandman. His latest album that was released at the end of last year is called Dusty. I think the video is beautiful, it’s called Live & Breathe and the film is by Nate Peracciny.

hip hop music

more hip hop

here are some more classic clips from the nineties thanks to all the heads who put these up on youtube

the first two have a pain theme

blahzay blahzay – the pain I feel

house of pain featuring guru – fed up (remix)

finally i’m not sure if this is an official video or something that a fan has created but if the latter it’s a superb effort – a hard-hitting track but a great one

ras kass – nature of the threat

hip hop music

more from nineteen ninety five

Here are some more hip hop highlights from 1995.

I suppose Tha Alkaholiks were never going to be all that big, but actually they’re probably my favourite west coast act of that era. (And in my case that’s not perhaps as much of a compliment as it may seem). Later they tried to change their name to Tha Liks because they were being denied airplay because… I suppose because their name seemed to condone a vice. That doesn’t seem like a good idea to me but maybe I have something of Ancient Greece about me. Whatever, they are trying to make a bit of a comeback, with a new album this year. Let’s face it everybody who’s ever had anything to do with music at all is trying to make a comeback. Or will do in the future if they live long enough.

The track is called Daam

Liquid Swords is on the identically-named album. As far as I’m concerned that’s the best ever hip hop album and the last time I spoke to him about the subject a few months ago that is also the opinion of my son. Actually I know quite a lot of people would agree but there are also many great alternative contenders.

So this is by Gza

Smiff ‘n’ Wessun were another hip hop outfit with name problems. The gun company didn’t like the use of their name even though the spelling is a bit different. Also it took them some time to realise what was happening and by then really it was too late, especially as Tek and Steele didn’t do anything all that marvellous with the new name (Cocoa Brovaz). But Dah Shinin’ is a great album.

This track is called Sound Bwoy Bureill and it features Top Dog and Starang Wondah.

hip hop music

Nine Nickel

i took an interest in hip-hop music when it first came out, but didn’t listen to it that much in earnest until the early 90s.

when tim westwood started doing his rap show on radio 1 at the end of 1994 a unique opportunity arose. looking back one can argue that that time was a peak for the music. some people may even say it had already peaked. some might say the peak was later in the decade. others perhaps believe the peak is still to come – can’t see it myself.

anyway westwood’s radio programme allowed a nationwide audience (worldwide too to a certain extent, though not sure if that was immediate) to hear the best of a music which was at its best, in my opinion. i’m not saying that ’95 was the best year in itself but that it was roughly the centre of the best years – say perhaps a 5 year period 1993-7.

so here are 3 classic tracks from 1995. you know how we do.

this track, whutcha want? by nine was definitely on the first rap show. it comes from the nine livez album.

this one too i think, but not so sure. it’s by mobb deep it’s survival of the fittest from the infamous

finally one that probably didn’t get so much airplay on the early shows as the two above, but it’s a great track and a powerful video (bigger budget than the other two). naughty by naturechain remains from poverty’s paradise

hip hop

some hip hop

woo hah may not have been the first hype williams video I’d seen but it was the first where I noted the name and recognised his genius.

the remix is even wilder with the contribution from ol’ dirty bastard. I note that this has had more views than the original track. there are a number of reasons why that might be. maybe the fact that the language is much stronger has something to do with it.