youtube analytics

youtube analytics get scarier every time I look at them. for a long time on youtube my biggest video has been my version of perpetuum mobile by penguin cafe orchestra which i already knew would do well and was already on the web but my version kept the closing footage of the performance at number 1 studio or whatever it’s called in bbc whiteladies road bristol which included myself the only footage i’m aware of on television where i can be seen.

but now the archive bbc footage of andy warhol that i put upĀ  3 and a half years ago is now the most looked up video i have. something’s taken off there in the last few months i guess i’m not sure if i can look retrospectively month by month that may be asking too much but there is a clear demographic there. actually that’s one i’m quite happy about.

here’s the 2 videos i’m talking about in order of current popularity i may have linked to some of these before. i’m getting old and can’t be blamed for repetition