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gig on saturday 17th january

it’s been a while since i put up a poster for a gig. it’s not that i haven’t been doing any gigs i just haven’t really worked too hard at either producing posters or even if i’ve done that posting … Continue reading

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surd rime

Here’s a couple of tracks from the new neureille album surd rime. I meant to do a lot more with it but sadly I’ve not felt that I had enough time and space to do all those things such as… … Continue reading

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Earlier this year I wrote in a post that I was determined to write a song in Esperanto before the end of the year. I haven’t done so yet, but I’ve gone a certain way along the path in recording … Continue reading

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Absurd Rhymes

the final recording session for the new neureille album is a few days away. the last time i was working on an album i wrote a post about which animals featured in which songs. i’m not going to go quite … Continue reading

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Next gig

we hope you can make it. please spot the deliberate mistake on the poster which I’ve only just been made aware of. presumably pleading insanity will get me knowhere.

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may gig n

where n is a number also this month I will be playing with Rosie at Wild at Heart, Broad Street, Bristol on 17th; somewhere in Queen’s Square, Bristol on 18th – more details of that later.

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Rosalind Moreno-Parra

Here are some tracks Rosie and I recorded at Ruby Studios recently. Let me know if you want to pay us to do a gig for you.

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Coathanger Trail 2

I don’t really care whether people think what I do is good or not. I know what I’ve done and that’s good enough for me. This is the 2nd coathanger trail post and it covers the words in northern lands … Continue reading

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