2 new songs

Here are a couple of songs that I wrote recently. These are just my home recorded demos so they’re just sketches not finished articles. I’m not sure whether the songs are good or not. Well I know they’re ok, I can continue to work with them, I’m not going to drop them, but it takes time before you know whether a song is just ok or whether it is something more.

The first one is called waiting for my map and is particularly designed for taking out into small pubs and clubs and presenting as some sort of offering to try and evoke a latterday oracle. Generally that feels like a Sisyphean task, but maybe tenacity is the best thing I have to offer.

Waiting For My Map

Then there is the more recent little crusader, which I can only perform using a loop pedal and haven’t yet done so. One day I may judge an audience to be sufficiently sympathetic to witness it. Actually both these songs are recorded with the use of the loop pedal and that accounts for the occasional strange slightly out-of-time edit. I quite like that.

Little Crusader

There are 2 things that particularly influence my use of the loop pedal. Firstly the things that Terry Riley used to do using a couple of Revoxes to create a delay and then later using more advanced technology to build up repeating patterns. Persian Surgery Dervishes is my favourite example of this. You can hear a bit of that here.

The 2nd thing is hip-hop particularly the great producers of the 90s. Especially DJ Premier. On the subject of out-of-time loops I love what Arabian Knight did for GZA on this track.