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At my Amazon store you can buy the Dry Rib cd Whose Last Trickle Messthetics (2008) for £5.00 + postage & packing. And at the same place the 4 Neureille albums as detailed below are also available. Please note that only disparue and surd rime has proper packaging. The other 2 cds are only meant to be kept in plastic cd wallets although I use some sort of hard case for postal packaging. These cds are £5 (or equivalent) each apart from amanogawa which is £3 because it’s a shorter album.

Neureille Music At ITunes


The new Neureille album – surd rime is available here


1st neureille album disparue (2008) can be bought here

at the same session a single was recorded
it’s called coathanger and it’s here

2nd neureille album amanogawa (2011) is here on Itunes


3rd neureille album True V Eye (2013) is here on Itunes

and finally