may/march jupiter/venus

this is a piece I called may because I filmed it in that month. it blends a couple of things together which are generally called blitts kreegen or something of that sort and ends with an out-of breath extravanganza which goes by no name other than compleasure. earlier this evening I was confronted by the eyes of a maniac but I managed to survive and now I redeem pleasure simply beneath a concave window of other parts hung sideways and curvaceously perpendicularly trapezoid.

now we are in march and the recumbency is proportionate to the viscosity. in may the rubric becomes infantile and sucks at many teat-like purveyances.

if I go back in may this year it’s not to be expected. the frail-like incumbency can be replaced by ovoid rectitudinal symbiotics. you know what I’m saying

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