Quotations 4

I’ve got quite a few new things that are nearly ready for this blog, but in the mean time here are some quotations that I used last year in a blog on the neureille myspace page. They’re pretty random but I quite like the combination.

when I was ill and lay a’bed
I had 2 pillows at my head

robert louis stevenson

the cause of the 3rd plague is a mighty man of magic who carries off thy meat and thy drink and thy provisions. and he through his magic and enchantment causes everyone to fall asleep. and on that account thou must needs in thine own person keep watch over thy feasts and thy provisioning. and lest that sleep of his should overcome thee, let there be on hand a tub of cold water, and when sleep bears hard upon thee, get into the tub.

the mabinogion

it’s clear that golfo was brought up in the town. I was born and grew old in the mountains, so that I don’t care about either cold or wind, and golfo shouted last night when a moth flew around the room, because of the little breeze which he made with its wings

italian medieval tale

she has reached the point where
she might consent to give up
living her own life
only three legs archy she says
to me only three legs left
but wot the hell archy
there s a dance in the old
dame yet

don marquis

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