three videos

Here are 3 videos 2 of which have been on little song films and 1 other which hasn’t. Sorry if I state the obvious.

The 1st one is called scenes from a recurring dream and was something that I had an idea for and Roger Thorp filmed it. My original idea was to have had several locations where different things were to happen, in particular I was planning to vomit by the side of a small dockside building. But it was easier to just stick with the railway line. The track’s gone now so the footage is a valuable social document. The music had been created a year or so previously on the day I had bought a compressor and a Zoom RFX 2000 and in order to try them out I made up this completely spontaneous track. I used a sample from a Dance Construction CD as a basis and then built it up from there. The sample sounds like “I’ll come home” but it’s probably something completely different, but I used that to make up some pointless lyrics. I’ve got a remix (visual) of this to another track of mine, undergrowth, I’ll dig that out too sometime.Roughly around the same time Edward Ball asked me along to assist on a video he was shooting for mod band Rinaldi Sings. I think I get a credit as assistant director, but I must confess that Edward did most of the hard work. He did 2 versions of the video – the one that just goes with the song and then a longer version which is a bit more narrative driven (I die more convincingly in that one). And then I did my cut which is much shorter and I redid the music by sampling the Rindaldi Sings track then adding my own bits. It’s quite small and sits in the middle of the screen, and I would have sorted that out, but a couple of times I tried some weird transition and the small frame in the middle flashes out. It was a complete surprise to me when it happened so I kept it in with the small central frame. So there.

Finally this last film is mainly some footage taken with a Canon stills camera with limited video capability. A night-time jaunt in Mousehole, Cornwall probably very early in January sometime in the early 21st century. This is interspersed with some BBC footage of high tides at Porthleven. And the whole thing’s tied together with a quotation from Moby Dick. Well it’s all a bit spurious, but what do you expect for a zero budget? That’s the 2nd quotation from Herman Melville to appear somewhere on this blog, but I’m not going to start a Melville category. Not just yet anyway. Let’s see how the next few years develop. Just a word about the music. It’s another piece of spontaneity using this time a sample of a djembe loop as foundation.

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