Heavens Above We Can’t Hear What You’re Saying

I signed up to recently not that I’ve got a lot of confidence in my handling of the social networking milieu. It’s always struck me that I could maybe do something with 140 characters perhaps it was a medium that suited my compositional abilities but until now I had resisted the urge to experiment.

I had the idea of using the channel to put up whichever elements of my work (that’s a grandiose way of putting it) Fool’s Gold would fit into the required format (number-of-characters-wise). The whole of this so-called work is already up on this website (geology category) so it’s sort of web-published already but I thought the tweet at a time method might work quite well for anyone foolish or presumptuous enough to follow me. Having taken another look at it though there’s not much that I’m prepared to use I get the feeling something specific is required and I’m trying to filter that to some sort of distilled doctrine.

In the meantime I’m only dipping in very slightly to the twitterverse. Trying to get my head round the ability it has to link me up with people who I know vaguely and haven’t seen for years – have I got an address book up in the sky now? It’s not like I do facebook.

I’m listening right now to some L Shankar that I taped off the radio years and years ago when I used to do that sort of stuff. It’s made me think that the next granite mix I do will be of tracks recorded from the radio. The quality is going to be a bit ropy but it should be a rewarding blend. Some of the most interesting things I ever taped were on quarter inch reel to reel and they disappeared a long time ago sad to say. All is transitory whilst simultaneously being permanent some might say.

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