The Newcomers Part 1

About 15 years ago somebody my next door neighbour I think lent me a VHS tape which contained the 3 episodes of a documentary set in Bristol in the early 60s. It was directed by John Boorman who was working for the BBC at the time. Having 2 VHS machines I took a copy for myself then nearly a decade later I transferred it to DVD and decided to put it up on youtube in a series of episodes each about 10 minutes long. It took me a number of years to get the whole thing done. There was a particularly long gap about half way through when I thought that hardly anybody seemed interested and it was too much trouble to sort it out but I persevered and eventually many people thanked me for doing it and I even corresponded a bit with one of the grandchildren of the 2 main protagonists of the documentary. So when I decided to drop out of youtube I was a bit sorry that it would be no longer available for those who were glad of the opportunity to view it.

I’ve no idea if anyone has reinstated it on any social network video sharing platform but it seemed a good idea for me to host it on my own website. Nowadays it’s more practical to place films of some length on the web so I’m going to post it in the 3 original episodes. Here is episode 1 and I think it is possibly the best of the 3.

Please note that because it’s about 49 minutes long it may take a little while to load.

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4 Responses to The Newcomers Part 1

  1. Ivan says:

    Congratulations. I enjoyed Part 1 and 2 but could not see Part 3 on your website, can you help? Rgs

  2. Tom Brothwell says:

    Hi Rob, I have a project called the Bristol History Podcast and will be uploading an interview with ACH Smith in the next few weeks. I was hoping that I could put a link on our Facebook page to the Newcomers videos that you have here? Let me know if that’d be alright.

  3. Sean Kaye-Smith says:

    It seems at the least regrettable – and at worst scandalous – that the work John Boorman did for the BBC in the South-West is not available on DVD/blue ray. He is a film maker of international renown who has made a number of ‘landmark’ films, so why isn’t this material, which, for many reasons, is historically and culturally significant, easily accessible?

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