micromuseum 11

Further to my last post it’s time for another vinyl chapter to the micromuseum saga. And this time I’ve chosen 10″ items. I’m about to produce/manufacture/conjure up my first vinyl product which is taking me a little bit of time because I’m quite hesitant being careful to get it right if possible. This is going to be a 7″ item but if all goes well and I want to repeat the experience I’m certainly tempted to go for a 10″.

For example what could be better than Isn’t It Romantic from Ray Martin and his concert orchestra. Probably a few things but even so have a heart.


The next is a record I bought just for the cover. Not that I don’t like Borodin or Mussorgsky, in particular the former, but I just feel that straight away I am that Tatar giant on the steppes, all I need is one of those funny chin beards and thin droopy moustache, a cool hat and a big black smear over my nose and middle cheeks.


In my last micromuseum post which I’m afraid I can’t be bothered to track back to as I assume you’re all responsible indivduals who can use a search box, I covered to a certain extent Picasso’s vieux guitariste aveugle. Please compare the cover of Tal Farlow‘s Columbia disc.


And then there’s Paris in the springtime. A French singer but not a record for a French market. There’s a story in there somewhere – perhaps you can piece it together from Genevieve’s obituary.


Finally simply the world’s greatest rumbas. All on one 10″ record. And it’s a very nice shade of blue.


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