beech trunk 2

this is my 2nd version of the beech trunk series. it’s the same tune but a different version. every version is a different version. the beech trunk footage is mixed with some autumn leaves. not sure how many more versions of this series will be forthcoming but at least one i’m sure.

when i was in my mid-teens i was fortunate to live in a house with a garden which had 3 40,50 or so year-old trees which i used to climb. an oak a beech and some sort of pine. i would spend quite a lot of time (in clement weather) towards the tops of these trees, probably the beech more than the others, but each had their propensities.

i once wrote a song from the point of view of a tree, but it never lasted. i’ve forgotten the music but i have the words somewhere. if i do another beech trunk video i’ll dig them out and print them. it’s a little bit misanthropic but sometimes it’s true i do object to my own species.

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  1. Lancers says:

    Sounds lovely. Bet those trees were older.

    • admin says:

      the oak maybe, the pine possibly younger. I’ve mentioned to you before I think that if you drive into leigh woods from abbots leigh road you drive down something called coronation avenue – with rows of copper beeches down each side. They were planted for the coronation of elizabeth 2nd, 1953 I think, less than 60 years ago – some of them are pretty big trees.

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