granite mix 5

This is a different sort of granite mix. Different method of production though still random in nature, recorded from a mini-disc straight to the computer then edited to run the tracks together and because it’s just taken from 1 mini-disc there is some artist duplication. Really this is a Sonny Verterre mix. Whatever happened to Sonny Verterre? Don’t bother to think about that – I just wanted to stick that question up on the world wide web for pointless, futile and semi-nostalgic reasons. The truth is that I tend his grave.

So from beyond the grave come these excerpts from my extensive collection of easy listening/light music/exotica. I am not going to bother to write about any of the songs or artists – it’s enough work to just try and gather together the album information. Suffice to say that as is the way with granite generally all that remains is the inexplicable mountain of rock (Felsgebirge).

And before the music – a brief selection of album covers.

here’s the mix

Granite Mix 5
Artist Title Album
Xavier Cugat Siboney Viva Cugat!
Jim Reeves Mexicali Rose Moonlight And Roses
Raymonde Singers Written On The Wind Unidentified Compilation Album
Ron Goodwin Miss Marple’s Theme Adventure!
Werner Muller Dancing In The Dark Silvery Strings
Sergio Mendes O Pato Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66
Hammond Brothers With Jan De Nef Hammond-a-bamba Hammond Organs Today
Pepe Jaramillo Tabu Mexican Love
André Penazzi Samba De Madrugada Órgão Samba Percussão
Max Greger Das Ist Die Berliner Luft Ballroom In Berlin
Jimmie Rodgers Tumbling Tumbleweeds Twilight On The Trail
Xavier Cugat Jungle Drums Viva Cugat!
Pepe Jaramillo Mexican Love Mexican Love
Sergio Mendes Agua De Beber Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66
Pete King The Trolley Song Percussion Concert
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