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Tree Stamps

It’s been a long time since I last posted a stamp series so this time I’m combining another category to try and keep the whole category thing meaningful. Malaysia gained independance in 1963 so this stamp must precede that. Trees … Continue reading

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The Savage God Arrives

So far my forays into the world of nonsense have dealt with works directed at an audience of children. I selected Edward Lear‘s Book of Nonsense as a starting point although I think I tried to make clear that there … Continue reading

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Fern Fronds

I know I just put my song a clef at the end of the last post so this is a bit of repetition but I’ve also had a fern film hanging around waiting to be done and there is a … Continue reading

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The new Neureille album is now available on Itunes. It’s a digital release but I have had 200 hard copies made for promotional purposes. I’m packaging these simply in soft plastic cases with some rudimentary homemade art work and notes. … Continue reading

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three videos

Here are 3 videos 2 of which have been on little song films and 1 other which hasn’t. Sorry if I state the obvious. The 1st one is called scenes from a recurring dream and was something that I had … Continue reading

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micromuseum 4

The bulkiest category within the micromuseum is vinyl. About 800 items. This is the first one I actually bought back in the summer of 1971 while I was visiting my sister in London. I bought it from HMV on Oxford … Continue reading

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Quotations 3

Jazz Quotations Here are some quotations gleaned from the Down Beat magazine archives which make some interesting points. Be-bop wasn’t developed in any deliberate way. For my part, I’ll say it was just the style of music I happened to … Continue reading

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