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Nine Nickel

i took an interest in hip-hop music when it first came out, but didn’t listen to it that much in earnest until the early 90s. when tim westwood started doing his rap show on radio 1 at the end of … Continue reading

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May the 35th

In 1932, 67 years after the publication of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, a German author, Erich Kästner published a book for children, Der 35 Mai (The 35th Of May). I can’t remember exactly when I first read the book, but … Continue reading

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Little Song Films & Why Firegiver

If you look on whois domain name search it will tell you that was created in 2008. That’s bollocks. It was first registered in 2000. 2008 is the most recent renewal date. Back around the turn of the century … Continue reading

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Chilean Baskets

Sometime around 1910 my grandfather took a job in Chile as foreman or manager of a large wood mill. As a result of this there are a number of Chilean artefacts in the family some of which are in my … Continue reading

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frost web thing

my frost web video is a forerunner to the amanogawa album which is now pretty much ready except i have to get it on the internet in a downloadable manner before releasing it to the general public because that’s a … Continue reading

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An Owl Revisited

A few years ago I had an idea to create some sort of low budget video to accompany my song An Owl. I’d never done a storyboard before but I knew that’s what you’re supposed to do if you’re serious … Continue reading

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Buildings Stamps

Time for some more stamps this time of an inanimate nature. The theme is buildings. What type of buildings appear on stamps? Usually there has to be some sort of significance – its picturesque quality. The first example is in … Continue reading

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2 new songs

Here are a couple of songs that I wrote recently. These are just my home recorded demos so they’re just sketches not finished articles. I’m not sure whether the songs are good or not. Well I know they’re ok, I … Continue reading

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quotations 2

Between us and the animals there is a great gulf fixed. The most important thing about man is that he is NOT an animal. He is different, and in this difference lies his ultimate hope and promise. A miracle happened … Continue reading

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