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It’s over a year now since I started work on recording the fifth Neureille album but I still need a few more sessions before it’s finished. I’m happy with the way it’s going and contributions from Paul Wigens, Everton Hartley, … Continue reading

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Reading List 2015

some time ago i did a post with the books that i’d read in a certain year and this is a continuation of that. but this time it’s the books i read this year which currently is 2015 and here … Continue reading

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Granite Mix 7

and now a granite mix that deals with my own work. this is my unveiling on this website of my new album which is called true v eye and will imminently be available on itunes and as a hard copy … Continue reading

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mr knight

I am halfway or more through my new album which I won’t name yet, but I thought I’d do a quick creature head count. 1st song a flesh hound (whatever that is) 2nd song another hound (seems to be a … Continue reading

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In 1991 I spent a few evenings doing a recording session with my friend Andy Smith who is now manager of the PMT music shop in Bristol. Whenever I call in at the shop and see Andy he always tells … Continue reading

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Winter Thirst

WINTER THIRST A Short Operation Fall Green became tawny. Between tall spindle trees smoke rose from a cottage chimney. It hung in the air and then spilled to one side. As Ern and Kast drew closer they heard sweet violin … Continue reading

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Nonsense & NF Simpson

To leap from Alfred Jarry straight through to NF Simpson in the late 50s is to leave a lot out in terms of nonsense theatre otherwise known as the theatre of the absurd and possibly other sub-categories. But when you’re … Continue reading

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Here’s a bit more about Eric Thacker and Anthony Earnshaw’s under-appreciated Musrum books. Unlike most love stories the lovers in Wintersol never really meet. If you can call them lovers. There are 2 protagonists, Christmas and Bella. They inhabit a … Continue reading

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What will be and what’s gone past

This is just an interim post to jot down a few things that may be coming and a few that may not. A few follow-ups and advertisements where the 3rd syllable sounds like eyes and is stressed accordingly. There will … Continue reading

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Fool’s Gold Part 4

This is the last part of the Fool’s Gold travesty. Here are the links to the other parts. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 And now here is Part 4. Tired and embarrassed as usual, but he still stayed up … Continue reading

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