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insect stamps

It’s been a while since I’ve turned my attention to stamps. I’d just like to point out that I wouldn’t describe myself as a stamp-enthusiast. I collected stamps between the age of about 8 to 12, the stamps I collected … Continue reading

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mr knight

I am halfway or more through my new album which I won’t name yet, but I thought I’d do a quick creature head count. 1st song a flesh hound (whatever that is) 2nd song another hound (seems to be a … Continue reading

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frost web thing

my frost web video is a forerunner to the amanogawa album which is now pretty much ready except i have to get it on the internet in a downloadable manner before releasing it to the general public because that’s a … Continue reading

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angel of death

here an image of before-mentioned angel of death. not so frightening really. and while on the same theme here’s a live recording of velvet underground playing a strange version of black angel death song

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