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Botánica Tomo II

This is the 2nd Chilean post in the micromuseum section. For the first one go here. A couple of weeks ago I included a drawing which pointed an accusatory finger towards this micromuseocosmic instance. That was here. The monkeys illustration … Continue reading

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as regards tintin street

At last I have managed to finish the demo I started a while ago. It gives me a chance to put up a couple more bits of Hergé artwork in an unassuming manner. I can’t see the harm in it … Continue reading

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What will be and what’s gone past

This is just an interim post to jot down a few things that may be coming and a few that may not. A few follow-ups and advertisements where the 3rd syllable sounds like eyes and is stressed accordingly. There will … Continue reading

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micromuseum 6

Here’s another book for the micromuseum. This is a collector’s item selected for me by a collector, my old friend Nick Fielding, who I haven’t seen for years but one of these days… I’ve known Nick since we were both … Continue reading

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micromuseum 5

The vast majority of my vinyl collection consists of LPs but I have a small number of singles. Some of them have great covers. Here is a selection. This is a re-packaging of music probably about 30 or 40 years … Continue reading

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Not Lear But Lehrer

When I was about 8 or 9 my dad bought a record and encouraged everyone in the family to listen to it. I was the youngest. We all enjoyed it and to me then it was sort of a breakthrough … Continue reading

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Tree Stamps

It’s been a long time since I last posted a stamp series so this time I’m combining another category to try and keep the whole category thing meaningful. Malaysia gained independance in 1963 so this stamp must precede that. Trees … Continue reading

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micromuseum 4

The bulkiest category within the micromuseum is vinyl. About 800 items. This is the first one I actually bought back in the summer of 1971 while I was visiting my sister in London. I bought it from HMV on Oxford … Continue reading

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Chilean Baskets

Sometime around 1910 my grandfather took a job in Chile as foreman or manager of a large wood mill. As a result of this there are a number of Chilean artefacts in the family some of which are in my … Continue reading

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Buildings Stamps

Time for some more stamps this time of an inanimate nature. The theme is buildings. What type of buildings appear on stamps? Usually there has to be some sort of significance – its picturesque quality. The first example is in … Continue reading

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